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Short Film - New Foundations

Nowness - Falle Nioke, New Foundation

From successful Blackdog director Tom Dream and editor Laura Cairney-Kezie, behind commercials from Adidas and Misguided, their film New Foundations is the profound and evocative story of Felle Nioke, a West African musician who moved from Guinea to Margate seeking a new life.

The 5 minute biopic is an amalgamation of western and native African culture, wrapped neatly in a sensory bow of stunning cinematography, sublime pacing and the film’s crown jewel; the highly diegetic soundtrack - a seamless blend of Nioke’s heartwarming lyrics, African instrumentals and contextual atmos.

Dream had the following to say about their experience working together this time around: 'The film really came to life in the edit with Laura. We hadn’t seen a lot of the archive footage of Falle back home in Guinae Conakry until we started cutting, and the whole mood and style totally transformed with this material. Laura also put together the most amazing sound edit from sounds captured in-camera both in Margate and Guinae, that really helped make the transitions between these two worlds meaningful.’

 New Foundations has made official selection for Aesthetica Film Festival in November as part of the music programme.