Nationwide - Respect Starts Small

Aysia is the new face of Nationwide campaign ‘It Starts Here’. The film aims to call out abusive behaviour that often emanates from the side-lines.

As the team’s “hat-trick person”, Aysia’s enthusiasm for football is evident from the start. However, she says “I wouldn’t miss the hate comments and all that”. She continues, “I try to ignore them, but sometimes if it gets really bad the parents just start arguing”. Aysia highlights that behind the beautiful game is an underbelly of abusive behaviour and hate towards the players.

 As the film continues, Aysia highlights the importance of support from family, friends, and teammates, and that these are the voices that matter the most. Ultimately, the film reminds us that we must believe in others so that they have the confidence to believe in themselves.

Cut by Toby Conway-Hughes.

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