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Mabel - OK

Mabel - OK (Anxiety Anthem)

Mabel, the 23 year old British singer who has continually stormed the charts this year, has released yet another hit single ‘OK’. The pop-song from her album High Expectations, is accompanied by a powerful film from Black Dog’s director Jade Jackman who cut with Laura Cairney-Keize.

Director Jade comments on the film 'When I was younger, there was such a lack of representation of non-white, non-cis, differently-abled bodies and diverse women in the media. Due to the amazing work of activists and people advocating for better representation, I feel that is starting to shift. But, the work isn’t done yet. As a director, I contribute to that and honestly represent the world that I inhabit. For so many of us, never seeing yourself reflected positively in pop-culture can become a source of anxiety or worry in itself. Visually, I wanted to create something that felt universal and that, like Mabel’s song, everyone can relate to, so I hope we managed to convey that here.