Lowe's - Home To Any Possibility

To commemorate Lowe's historic 100th birthday, the brand has launched a new campaign that challenges the traditional concept of the American Dream. Casting real families in this spot helped to portray the idea that one single dream isn't big enough to hold the possibilities for us all.

This campaign for Lowe's was shot by Oscar-nominated writer, Roman Coppola made in collaboration with creative agency Deutsch LA and edited by Tim Thornton-Allan. Tim and his assistant cut remotely from London with the rest of the team in LA, working on LA time for 2 weeks.

Creative director, Sorenne Gottlieb, says: "While the ethos of the American Dream is still relevant for many, the nuance that it’s one size fits all is not. But at the heart of many American Dreams is still a home and the desire to make it everything it needs to be. In this new campaign, we really wanted to show that no matter what your home aspirations are, small or big, DIY or professional, Lowe’s is here to make the dream of a better home attainable for everyone.”

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