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Hitachi - Racing to Zero

Hitachi - Racing to Zero

We’re excited to present the world’s first zero carbon live-action film.

At the end of October 2021, global leaders will gather in Glasgow for the 26th Conference of Parties (COP26). This one is unique, however, as it marks the beginning of a pivotal decade. The pressure is on to achieve zero-carbon emissions by 2050.

Ahead of the conference, Hitachi and Rattling Stick have come together to produce this meaningful film. Directed by Ivan Bird, and edited by Vanessa Wood, this film marks a step in the right direction. 

Ivan said: “It wasn’t easy as we were dealing with very low levels of power, the projector had 7 cyclists (3 on camera, 4 off) creating the power - so it couldn’t be Leicester Square levels of luminance. We considered a studio, it would have made our lives considerably easier, but we thought it was important for the message that we were in the environment we were trying to protect.”

Vanessa commented: "It was such a privilege to be involved in this project. Ivan wanted it to be as filmic as possible, so it was incredible to be given the licence to explore that in the edit. Sound was almost as important as the visuals when it came to building the tension, and I tried to bring the rhythms of the cyclists, the projector and the train together to create a crescendo at the point when the projection appears."

The race is on. It’s time for maximum effort to achieve zero impact.