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De Staat - Look At Me

De Staat - Look At Me

Govert Janse edited this music video, directed by BlackMetalDeath, for the Dutch alternative rock band, De Staat. Rather than releasing albums, the band opts for an unorthodox approach when publishing their music. They have three playlists – ‘Yellow’, ‘Blue’ and ‘Red’ – where they periodically treat their fans to new music.   

Their latest single, ‘Look at Me’, can be found on their ‘Red’ playlist, along with other  dystopian sounding tracks. The promo is a reaction to the breakthrough song ‘The Witch Doctor’. The award-winning video for the ‘The Witch Doctor’, in which an animated crowd of men run around lead singer Torre Florim, was created back in 2015 and set a precedent for the De Staat's concerts.  The leader singer now ends most concerts performing in the middle of the audience, re-enacting the popular music video.   

Now haunted by these circling crowds, ‘Look at Me’ captures De Staat’s love/hate relationship with 'The Witch Doctor’.  

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