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Coppafeel! - Life Saving Lingerie

Coppafeel - Life Saving Lingerie

AMV BBDO have teamed up with charity Coppafeel!, popular online fashion retailer Boohoo and the LADbible group to bring us this fantastic campaign Life Saving Lingerie. It aims to save lives by revolutionizing the way women check their breasts, whilst doing so in style! The patterns on the bras act as a guide for women and the washing labels explain the different symptoms to look for when performing checks for breast cancer.    

One in every eight women get breast cancer each year highlighting the importance of spreading the message to check regularly. Kris Hallenga, Founder of CoppaFeel!, commented 'We’re really pleased for the opportunity to spread our message with Life Saving Lingerie … CoppaFeel! exists to stamp out the late detection of breast cancer by educating young people about their boobs and encourage them to get anything abnormal checked out.'

This is an issue which can affect women of all ages so this campaign targeting a younger audience is not only refreshing but incredibly important. Cut by Laura and produced by Radical Media London, Amy Becker Burnett directed this stylish and engaging spot.