BMW - i4 Purpose

Marshall Street's Guy Savin has teamed up with the legendary director of Gummo and Spring Breakers, Harmony Korine of MJZ, to showcase BMW’s new line of electric cars.

With a very tight schedule - and a brief to create 3 x 60 second TV spots, a 2-minute content film, and selected rushes uploaded every night to Hocken Film in Munich - Guy and his team travelled to Spain to work on set with Harmony.

To be shot over 10 days, in locations all over the Spanish city of Barcelona on a Covid-19 secure set, there were many challenges. These were further hindered by the loss of the first 2 days of shooting to huge rainstorms. With the loss of days and constantly changing locations, Guy’s edit team used a mixture of a roadside easy-up and the crew van to start cutting each film. This enabled Harmony and Guy to construct, adapt and craft each of the edits between shot changes and moving location.

“I wish we could work this way more often. We are just getting better films. Adding new ideas and shots as we go. Working with Guy on set just adds another level to the creative process.” Harmony told the agency producers.

With Harmony’s TVC director's cuts finalised, 3 of the films were then shared on set with the agency and client and the last of the 4 to be finished back at MSE HQ . This allowed direct feedback to be shared and changes made to the films within minutes and not hours. This process also led to various cut-downs of the final 60s to be cut and crafted on location, taking the pressure off the tight post and finishing schedule back at Hocken Films in Munich.

Guy commented: “Working on projects for massive global brands like BMW can have its stresses and challenges, but with Harmony on this project his clear creative film making perspective made cutting the films so much easier and one of the best projects I have worked on."

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